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Rental basis: Entire house or apartment Number of bedrooms: 1; Number of other rooms with beds: 1 Taxes of City tax 4.22 EUR Per adult / day may be collected during the booking process. If this is not supported, they must be paid to the host upon arrival. apartment of 3pieces 1 bopring bed and 2 pull-out beds and a sofa bed 2 place living room with tv and netfix 6 chairs dishwasher for 6 oven microwave dishwasher dishwasher oven fridge freezer coffee machine fondue pot fondue and fondur cheese sheets are provided as well as bath towel not included ds the price paignoir 3frs per person per stay plus tax of stay 3 frs by animal people accept this apartment has a large balcony overlooking the lake and the alps pool and jacuzzi and a garden of 150m2 5 minutes from the motorway and 20 minutes by car from Yverdon free parking space, football field 500 meters lake 15 minutes walk or 5 minutes by car drill 20 minutes walk well perfect walks for walkers or dogs


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  • Swimming pool/ Indoor pool
  • Cable TV / Sat. TV
  • Parking space
  • WiFi
  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher

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Chemin de Buchaux
2022 Bevaix

Telefone +41 (0)43 210 56 79



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