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The "Heidehüs" was built in the late middle ages at the end of the 14. century. Its the only "Heidehüs" and probably the oldest still existing living house in the Binntal. The name " Heidehüs" is originally from "Heide" and means old or unknown. From 1980 to 1983 the "Heidehüs" has been renovated and made very confortable. The location is one of its own and you have a sight on the mountain Breithorn in the Lengtal and the Binntal. You get to the Heidehüs very easy trough a private street with the car or 10 min by foot from the village Binn. The house is about 100m above the church Binn. A Skilift is near the house. Its about 400m long. The appartment is on the first floor and is good for a couple or familys with one or two children.


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3996 Binn

Telefone 0041 (0)61 841 06 61



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