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My wife and I both come from the hospitality industry. Although we have been in another profession for many years, the hospitality industry has never really left us. I met my wife Vroni (from Mölltal/Carinthia/Austria) in Davos. At the beginning of the Corona Pandemic we had the opportunity to buy this chalet in the middle of Fiesch. It was love at first sight. Termite damage, oversized wasp nests in the attic, outdated electrical installations, leaking water pipes and more could not stop us. On the contrary, together with local contractors, a battle plan was soon worked out and the start of the renovation was made. We renovated exclusively with natural, sustainable and mineral building materials. We also decided to do without a vapour barrier throughout the entire house. Impressions of the renovation can be found at We still have two partner accommodations: Jurastei 16 in Wiedlisbach and Jurastei 14 in Wiedlisbach.


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  • Parking space
  • WiFi

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3984 Fiesch

Telefone +41 78 690 60 76

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