Description of the holiday rental

With Casa Vacanze Kromatica, 5 minutes walk from Piazza Grande, you will be close to everything.

Casa Vacanze Kromatica wishes to be the answer to the search for relaxation, comfort and attention, offering a wellness stay for all seasons.

For this reason it presents all the comforts of a complete apartment, bright and essential in style, with a large terrace also equipped with games and bowls for pets, to guarantee a peaceful stay for our guests of all ages and species.

Furthermore, the central location allows you to enjoy the most varied experiences: city events, museums, walks on the lake or immersed in the splendid Ticino nature, Locarno nightlife.

Casa Vacanze Kromatica interprets travel as a tool for enriching personal experience, a symbol of research, spirituality and escape from everyday life.

The service we provide is aimed at increasing the well-being and satisfaction of the guest; for this reason, upon request, you can participate in Music-Chromotherapy meetings with our team and try a method capable of developing a condition of extraordinary psycho-physical well-being and emotional balance.

Casa Vacanze Kromatica is also open to those who do not wish to take advantage of the Easy Therapy program.


Casa Vacanze Kromatica was created with the aim of promoting and disseminating energy treatment experiences, aimed at the growth and well-being of the individual. In particular, our mission is to raise awareness and educate on the use of Music-Chromotherapy as an effective method capable of developing a condition of extraordinary psycho-physical well-being and emotional balance. For this purpose, our guests will be able to experience the "Easy Therapy" method studied in 2006 by Master Rocco Guglielmo, a trained Naturopath and Pranotherapist.

The method makes use of 5 meditation exercises and 5 pieces of music therapy, color and music guide the listener into a state of profound relaxation, thus triggering a process of modification in the state of consciousness: order is re-established in the emotional sphere and the psychological conditions to remove the emotional conflicts that cause stress, which at this point no longer has any reason to exist and therefore regresses.


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  • Dishwasher
  • WiFi

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via Rovedo 9
6600 Locarno (Stadt)

Телефон +41 (0)43 210 56 79



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