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Mulchenhütte Lauiboden is located amidst the unspoilt natural surroundings of Schilstal, far away from the hassle of everyday life. Time appears to have stood still here. Lush Alpine meadows, mountain streams, dark green pine trees and imposing mountains characterise the surroundings. You expect to see Heidi and Peter coming out of the alpine hut at any time.

Accomodating up to 6 people, sleeping with woollen blankets in the straw and cooking on a nostalgic stove, just like Heidi. Fresh alpine products such as cheese, butter and milk can not be purchased directly from the herdsmen on Alp Lauiboden.

Equipment of the hut

  • toilet
  • no running water
  • Fetch water from the water trough in front of the hut
  • Cook on a traditional stove
  • no electricity
  • light: petrol lamps and fire pit

Reservations from June until mid-September. Outside of these times, reservations can be made on request.

Living like Heidi used to
In the unspoilt Schilstal valley, far away from everyday worries, lies the milking hut, Lauiboden. Time seems to have stood still here. Lush Alpine meadows, mountain streams, dark pine trees and imposing mountains set the scene. One has the feeling that at any moment, Heidi and her grandfather will step out of the hut.

Up to 6 people can sleep here comfortably, in straw with woollen blankets, cooking on an old stove, as in Heidi's time. Fresh Alpine products such as cheese, butter and milk cannot be purchased locally. Please note that the Alpsenn has a dog.

This is how one lived on the alp more than 100 years ago:
- no running water
- water fetched from the well in front of the hut
- cooking on an old stove
- no electricity
- light: oil lamps and fire in a pit

We recommend an early reservation.


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  • Place de stationnement
  • Rustique

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Alp Lauiboden
8896 Flumserberg Bergheim

Téléphone +41 81 720 08 20



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